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Hope in the Darkest Hour

Sheila Ann Smith had previously pastored in a dynamic growing church. Today, she serves God as a singer and songwriter. She is not only an anointed worship leader and a three-time Gospel Music Association Award nominee, but she also has an awesome powerful testimony of a walk of faith with God through the darkest moments of her life.

She had just married and was happily planning for the future when she was diagnosed with Acute Myelogeneous Leukaemia. This is an aggressive, debilitating and fatal form of cancer. Doctors gave her no hope and gave her only days to live. In the days to follow, as her body was rapidly deteriorating, experiencing horrendous pain and suffering she was to find a hope and a future. However, it was not through the miracle of medical science. Even with a bone marrow transplant, doctors only gave her a 50/50 chance of survival. In those dark, uncertain days of raking pain, she was to learn that knowing about God was different from personally trusting Him as a loving friend, comforter and healer.

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