Right Perspective: Resolution

Too often we do not say what we mean or mean what we say. In Matthew 5:33-37, our Lord Jesus puts things right about making oaths and our use of words.

Right Perspective: Commitment

Rev Francis continues the series on Discipleship and will focus on how we are to live the life of a disciple with the right perspective.

Harnessing our Emotions

We are in the flesh and we are moved a lot by our human emotions. How do we exercise spiritual control to overcome the works of our fleshly emotions?

Spirit of the Law

The Pharisees, scribes and the rulers of the law had brought the law to a set of religious and legalistic rules that changed the very standards that God had intended. Jesus came and showed God's standard. What are these?

The Favour is Upon the Table

Dr Andries Botha and his wife, Sis Petro are credentialed ministers with the Australian Christian Churches (formerly the AOG in Australia). He and Sis Petro went into ministry in 1982 and successfully pastored 4 churches during this time. In 2013, they founded Midpoint Church Perth.He is also the founder of Third Day Apostolic Network in South Africa, and also served as director of CFI (Christian Fellowship International). Dr Andries functions globally in the office of the apostolic & prophetic.

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