Palm Sunday: Set the Stage

When Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, He set in motion a series of events that would lead to His death. With almost theatre-like precision, He set the stage for what would ultimately bring salvation to all mankind. But were the Jews, or the world ready for Him?

Lift Up Your Heads

Rev Cornelio was first ordained into the ministry in 1984 and has been in active ministry ever since. He is a minister with Christ For All Nations ( and is also associated with World Missions Advance, a Texas-based ministry. He was miraculously delivered of vice, addiction, and worldliness in 1978 when he had an encounter with Jesus at a mission church in Long Beach, California. Rev Cornelio has a “signs and wonders” anointing that flows from a deep love of the Word of God, and communion with the Holy Spirit. His passion is to reach the lost and help to mature end-time sons and daughters of Father God in the nations - those faithful ones who are waiting and preparing for the Sec

Faith for What?

This message was recorded at our Touch Jesus, He Heals! Service on Saturday, 17 March 2018.

Called to be Chosen! (Part 2)

In this second installment of the series, Rev Francis will expound on the second parable, the Parable of the Wedding Feast (Matthew 22), where Jesus says “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Don’t miss this follow up teaching.

A Church After God's Own Heart

Many Christians know that King David was called “a man after God’s own heart.” As the body of Christ, the Church, we should also strive to be and do the same. But what does that really mean? This sermon explores the heart of King David as an example for us to follow so that we too, as a church, may be able to live out our lives after God’s own heart.

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