The Preparation

The life of Esther - the season she went through was a preparation for promotion. In some way, we have a place in God’s plan. Wherever you are right now, God has a purpose; may it be a short or long purpose. God has a reason. Rev James Jagjeet Singh, is the overseer of Eagle’s Nest Church and an itinerant Evangelist under the Assemblies of God, Singapore. In this dual office, he carries a prophetic anointing and the fire of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes. His passion is to see revival come upon the churches. He graduated from Assemblies of God Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology. He is married to Rosie and together they have two children, Josiah and Sarabeth.

First Fruits: Giving and Receiving the First and Best!

The way to experience supernatural living involves some simple and practical steps of trust and setting priorities that release God’s best blessings. Ps George and his wife, Sis Joyce, have been serving in Asia for 30 years with Foursquare Missions. They focus on training and equipping leaders and ministering in God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Ps George enjoys investing in younger generation leaders in Asia who are serving in churches, missions and marketplace ministries and his passion is to help mentor and shape leaders.

Believe to Receive

This message was recorded at our Touch Jesus, He Heals! Service on Saturday, 18 August 2018.

Overcome... to be an Overcomer

Jesus said that we have been given a spirit of an overcomer and consequently, we are able to overcome issues in our lives. Ps Shirley will be sharing some practical steps to becoming an overcomer based on her personal experiences.

Dialogue with God

One of the greatest privileges of being saved is to be reconciled to God our Heavenly Father. In this reconciliation, we have been given the right to dialogue with God. Can you imagine having the all-knowing God as a constant companion to lead and guide us through the uncertainties of living in a fallen world? Rev Francis will share some important principles of maintaining this constant dialogue with God in every waking moment of our lives.

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