Loving More Than These

In our effort to love as Jesus loves, we know that we must yield to Him in all things, in all ways, and at all times. Yet, we often face the challenge of various loves fighting for our attention. - How do we keep our secular work in its rightful place so that we can have adequate time to do what Jesus is calling us to do? - What can help us have a balanced perspective between working for Jesus, rest, and recreation? - How can we successfully fight materialism and the draw for worldly things in the command to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind?

The Christmas Angels

Dr Khoo Hin Hiong has served in Christian ministry for 35 years. He and his wife, Marguerite, founded ICM Plus (formerly known as International Christian Mission) on 20 October 1983, with a focus on leadership: training, equipping, and empowering church leaders. He currently serves as Founder and Chairman. Today, ICM Plus operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Shanghai(China), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Loving More Than Life!

We are called to love God with our heart, and with all our soul, and all our mind. What does it mean then to be Loving Jesus? Too often, we think of love as an emotional feeling with the object of self-gratification. Perhaps we need to ask what loving someone really means to us? In John 21:15, Jesus asked a question “….do you love me more than these?” What did Jesus mean by this? Do we need to review our focus, our perspectives and our priorities in our desire to love Jesus?

Reclaiming Discipleship from the Media

Our children are growing up in a media-saturated world. Even as they are learning to make sense of the complex world, how then can we discipline our children effectively, and enable them to transform culture in a way that pleases God? Sis Carol is the International Director of Generations of Virtue, a ministry committed to teaching sexual wholeness and integrity, building family relationships, and equipping families to transform culture. She is also a digital literacy educator, parent coach, and a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Trainer. She spent over twenty years in the public service, including the Ministry of Education and the Info-communications Media Authority. She has a Masters in Bu

Obedience - Blessings

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has a lot to say about obedience; and in Jesus Christ we find the perfect model of obedience. As believers, we are called to a life of obedience. Ps Shirley will not only share how we can live that life, but also the blessings the Bible promises to those who live out the life of obedience.

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