He Believed God!

Scripture not only tells us that Enoch walked with God but that he also pleased God as well as believed in God. Is there any difference in being pleasing to God and in believing in Him? If so, what is the difference?

Jesus My Friend

Jesus calls us His friend. What does that look like in your life? And what implication does it have for your day to day living? What would you do for a friend? What would your friend do for you? About the speaker Ps Geoff was saved under Ps Kevin Forlong’s ministry, and attended Faith Bible College where he became the Assistant Dean. He served at Otumoetai Baptist Church and was part of a revival that saw the Church increase from 400 to 1200 and plant 5 other Churches in 3 years. He pioneered Eden Assembly of God and has been there for the last 23 years. He also serves as Chairman for Promise Keepers and as Spiritual Advisor to the Elevate Trust working as Camp Pastor for the disabled. His

Miracle at Bethesda

This message was recorded at our Touch Jesus, He Heals! Service on Saturday, 17 June 2017.

Manifesting His Glory

The word given to us for this season is Habakkuk 2:14 in that “…the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.” The pertinent question would be how this will take place. Romans 8:18-25 reminds us that the glory will be revealed to us so that it can be manifested to the world to set it free through us. Rev Francis shares some important keys how this will happen.

A Life of Worship

When it comes to worship, God does not look at the external form; He looks at the heart. In the New Testament letters, we see little instruction about worship as we often understand it to be in our modern church setting with music and captivating lyrics. Instead, there is a greater call to offer our lives as living sacrifices and to glorify God in all facets of daily living.

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