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The Happy Family

The happy family is one that is blessed in posterity, property and possessions, as well as purpose (Gen 9:1). We learn from Noah’s family that these blessings are the reward of a complete obedience to God, where we do “everything exactly” as God commands (Gen 6:22, NLT). Complete obedience is Radical, Resilient and Ready. Are we set apart for God’s purpose? Do we stay true to God’s vision, regardless of the challenges? Are we on standby to act immediately when God calls? God gives us the rainbow as a reminder of His promise for the blessed family!

Sis Joanna is a psychology graduate who spent her initial career working with special needs children, victims of spousal abuse, families in crisis and persons suffering from psychiatric illnesses. A pioneering staff of local charity Focus on the Family Singapore, Jo presently serves as its CEO. She is one of two recipients of the Work-Life Leadership Award 2010 and speaks regularly on work-life, sexuality, marriage and parenting. With her husband, they pioneered a youth ministry as well as a church, and are now active volunteers in their local church while serving the community as licensed marriage solemnisers and family life trainers. Together with their “miracle son”, they dream of becoming a family band!

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