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A Renewed Hope and a Future

Do you know that God is pleased with our least efforts to please Him. He demonstrates this by speaking the plain truth about our best efforts. In scripture, He reveals that the most sincere and well-meaning actions of the holiest saints are still full of defects and imperfections. Whatever we aspire to do for God is either wrong in their motives or defective in their performance. In and by itself, our works are nothing more than wonderful sins that only deserves God’s wrath and condemnation. However, there is still a “future and a hope” if we can grasp a much-needed word for this generation of Christians with our own sense of self-importance. The reality is there is nothing that we can do in our own strength! It is only by God’s grace that our sins that are scarlet before Him, can be made acceptable and white as snow to Him. In this, we will soon enter into a season that starts a new era of hope and a future for all who would believe and draw near. Let us understand some fundamental truths and appropriate it for ourselves.

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