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Impossible is Nothing

God loves to perform miracles because only God can. God desires to perform the miraculous in your life! Learn how to prepare to receive the supernatural from Heaven and how your response to God’s Word determines the shape, form and identity of your supernatural blessing in this teaching.

According to Genesis 11:30, Sarah had always been barren, even during her childbearing years. Now she was beyond the childbearing years. Therefore now, and only now, is it time for the covenant child to be born. When all human resources are exhausted, when Abraham and Sarah are reduced to laughter at the sheer incredibility of it all—now God gives the promise, unlike all human promises—a promise that carries the power of his own fulfilment, “At the appointed time I will return to you, in the spring, and Sarah shall have a son.”

About the speaker: Prophet Greg Abel is an anointed speaker who was mentored by Prophet Kim Clement. After serving for 15 years in the Local Church, he has been released to minister and to speak with a prophetic gifting, bringing hope for tomorrow by the power of divine grace available today.

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