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Do Not Worry!

The King James Version translates the phrase “do not be worried” as “take no thought.” This is sometimes so misleading as it gives the impression that future planning is unnecessary. We need to understand however that “don’t worry” doesn’t mean “don’t plan”.

Over the years, many people have mistakenly assumed that this is also a prohibition against career ambition, financial planning, and life insurance. But this is not what Jesus is saying. Jesus is pro- planning! He does want us to work hard and plan for your future. To do otherwise is to be foolish. We must also understand that “don’t worry” doesn’t mean “don’t be concerned”.

Having the right grasp of Matthew 6:23-34 is so vitally important to us having the right handles to live a victorious Christian life that would keep us free from stress, anxiety and worry. Rev Francis will be expounding on how we can live a supernaturally charged life of discipleship in a world of natural contradictions.

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