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Partnership with God

Sometimes Christians have this idea that serving God means surrendering our wills completely and obeying His commands without question. While this has some truth to it, what God desires is far more than just blind obedience. We are called to be friends of God who know His heart and partner with Him in our hopes and dreams, bringing the reality of heaven to earth. In this message, Ps John Koe sounds a clarion call for us to co-labor with God, rekindling a childlike heart to dream big with our Father.

About the speaker:

Ps John Koe is the senior pastor of Petra Church and founder of FrontierWorks, a discipleship ministry that has established numerous Bible schools, churches and mission programs across Asia over the last 20 years. His ministry carries the thrust of strengthening churches, maturing the saints and empowering the end-time generation to host the manifest presence of God and accomplish His purpose.

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