November 27, 2016

In life, it’s always about choices and the choices we make today will determine the outcome for tomorrow. However, by whom and by what rules are our choices determined?

November 20, 2016

In Matthew 7:1, Jesus said “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” If we are to follow this admonition strictly, this may prove to be a problem in our work places where successful work often depends on making assessments of people’s character and work. Should we go about life trying not to judge at all?...

October 30, 2016

The King James Version translates the phrase “do not be worried” as “take no thought.” This is sometimes so misleading as it gives the impression that future planning is unnecessary. We need to understand however that “don’t worry” doesn’t mean “don’t plan”.

Over the years, many people have mistakenl...

October 16, 2016

The heart is the control centre of our spiritual life. Yet how a person lives his natural life is a reflection of his heart. It is therefore critical that we must guard our hearts and watch over them so that our heart follows only after the things of God. That we are not distracted by the things of...

September 25, 2016

Fasting is another important spiritual discipline that Jesus talks about. Again, it is not an option, but a command! I really wonder if Christians fast today. If so, do we really understand its purpose and how we should go about undertaking to do so?

September 4, 2016

Prayer is not an option but a command! But even before we begin to pray, the Father in Heaven already knows what we need. Why then must we pray and what is the correct way to pray?

August 28, 2016

Giving is a very important spiritual discipline that Jesus now begins to teach on. The key is not just about how much we give, but the attitude of our heart as we give. Do we seek rewards from the accolades of men, or rewards from the Heavenly Father? Further, does your right hand know what your lef...

August 21, 2016

It is so easy to love people that are nice and kind to us. What about our enemies? In Matthew 5: 43-48, our Lord Jesus shows us what we are to do with people who hate, curse, despise and persecute us.

August 14, 2016

Do we have the right to take retribution for things done to us? In Matthew 5:38-42, our Lord Jesus begins to teach on the right way to respond to offence.

July 31, 2016

Too often we do not say what we mean or mean what we say. In Matthew 5:33-37, our Lord Jesus puts things right about making oaths and our use of words.

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