March 27, 2016

 The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not considered very significant by the world. The significance of the events surrounding the death of Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary, and the empty tomb. is also often overlooked or distorted by churches. Many who attend Resurrection Sunday services accept...

March 25, 2016


We are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ (1 Peter 1:18-19). The blood of Jesus avails before God in heaven and prevails against Satan. The blood cleanses our conscience from dead works to serve the living God. The blood of Jesus answered the righteous law of God; it cancelled all of Satan’s...

March 24, 2016

Jesus knew soon He will depart from this world and return to the Father. We could sense the anxiety and urgency in the narration in the Gospel of John the events and teachings of Jesus at His last Passover meal with His disciples. Our meditation centers on the struggles of Jesus being the Son of man...

March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday showed Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, 5 days before he went to the Cross. It was called Palm Sunday as the people laid palm leaves on the ground or waved them in their hands when Jesus rode by seated on a donkey. It was a jubilant celebration with people shouting “Hosanna! Blesse...

March 19, 2016

This message was recorded at our Touch Jesus, He Heals! Service on Saturday, 19 March 2016. 

March 13, 2016

 About the speaker:

Rev Carl was born in Hawera, New Zealand and he had an encounter with the Holy Ghost at the age of sixteen that transformed his life. He has a strong passion for the presence and power of God and is a zealous preacher with a burning enthusiasm for revival. He is passionate to see...

March 6, 2016

Being wise to the signs of the times, we must know that we are now in the final days of the End Times. There is a new beginning that God has prepared for His creation. How do we cross over to enter into the fullness of all God has intended? How are we to enter into the destiny that God has prepared...

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